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We deeply understand the athlete journey from school, to academy and on to professional levels. We know how each stage of development needs to adjust as you progress as an athlete and person. Our classes and 1-1 sessions can help you achieve your goals.

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Our class format for developing agility and speed is unrivalled. Developed through our experience of training tens of thousands of elite and youth athletes, we've taken the most important principles for developing speed & agility and condensed them into a format that can take anyone and improve their game speed and agility.

This means you won't only get faster and move better, but you'll read your game better also. Whether your game is football, rugby, hockey, or you would just like to improve your agility because you love to feel fast and agile, these classes are for you.


No one wants injuries to happen and when they do it's a challenging time for athletes. However, we understand that when injuries occur they also offer the opportunity to work on certain areas that may not get as much attention during in season training periods.

Our approach seeks to minimise physical decline and maximise opportunities for physical development, all while ensuring the injured tissue recovers to be able to deal with the demands it will face in competition scenarios.

With our physiotherapists, performance coaches, osteopaths, soft tissue specialists, nutritionists and psychologists, we can ensure a truly multidisciplinary approach tailored to your specific needs.



One of the keys to preventing injury is understanding your areas of strength alongside your areas of vulnerability. Our comprehensive profiling and reporting process gives athletes a deep understanding of this.

With a range of state of the art physical testing equipment, we develop a range of individual reports that give you a clear understanding of where you are and what you need to work on.

This can be combined with one of our 1-1 or Online packages to ensure you get a truly individualised training programme to help you reach your full potential.


When working with young atheletes this is our aim:

To help them develop into physically robust, self-aware, decision makers. Who are able solve any problem they face in their field of play, because their physical, technical, tactical and psychological development allows them to.

In order to achieve this our team of specialists blend a range of coaching skills and methodologies that develop strength, power, speed, agility and conditioning. This is all applied while keeping the aim of becoming a better all-round player at the top of our hierarchy of goals.

The Taoist Symbol

The Taoist symbol of the yin-yang is a pictorial representation of order & chaos, depicting the complementary manner that they mold existence. The red curve of Areté demonstrates the path to take related to them, balanced between both.
This is the way of Areté.

"Peter Taylor (Father): All our dealings with Arete have been fantastic. The team are passionate, highly skilled and very experienced. We first came across the company after our physiotherapist recommended we get in touch with Tom Farrow. My eldest son had undergone knee surgery in the summer of 2021, then after completing his 12-week rehabilitation, we felt he needed an extra level of strength and conditioning before returning to play football at a high level. At the time my son was 16 years old and Tom recommended that we work with Kimmy to create a ‘return to play’ pathway. Kimmy immediately made a connection with my son, created a programme and worked tirelessly with him over a 12 week period. Kimmy had a great way about him which meant that all those sessions were always tough, stretched and progressive. We agreed from the start that this was an opportunity to make my son fitter, stronger and quicker than he had been prior to the injury and Kimmy made sure he got there… We are still in touch with Kimmy and are completely blessed to have had his guidance through what was a difficult time. We couldn’t recommend Arete highly enough and only wish we had come across them sooner."

Zeno Taylor : Walton & Hersham FC : 1-1 + Online Youth Athlete

"I worked with Areté last summer to improve my fitness, mobility and strength ahead of my school rugby season. My coach was Kimmy, he’s friendly, has good energy and pushed me to achieve good results that really boosted performance on the pitch, contributing to my selection into academy rugby. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their physical capability in a fun and supportive way. Lucas, Yr11"

Lucas Wilmot : London Irish Academy : 1-1 + Online Youth Athlete
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